Four Popular SEPCO Mechanical Seals and Their Applications

SRC (Single Rotary Cartridge)

The Sepco SRC is a single, internal, cartridge-mounted, rotary seal design that can be supplied for fitting both standard and oversized seal chambers. It is simple yet loaded with features found in more expensive seals. It is also rugged and highly dependable yet costs less than most competitors’ repaired seals. Several unique features combined with high-quality materials make the SRC capable of consistently reaching and maintaining the highest levels of reliability, and the static shaft/sleeve O-ring prevents equipment wear.

The SRC is an entirely self-contained unit pre-assembled and pre-set at the factory for easy installation and maintenance on equipment where equipment adjustments may be required. In addition, the compact design allows for installation on equipment with small, shallow stuffing boxes and with limited first obstruction space. Slotted glands allow for ease and versatility in fitting the seal, and machining the glands provides superior strength and corrosion resistance. The SRC is internally balanced for operating in higher stuffing box pressures, and equipping the seal with equally-spaced multiple springs allows for lighter loading and cooler operation that extends reliability and reduces power consumption. The springs are also isolated from the process fluid to reduce the possibility of clogging.

HOS (Hot Oil Seal)

 The Sepco HOS is a single, internal, cartridge-mounted, rotary seal design that loads with a single coil spring. It can be supplied for fitting standard and oversize seal chambers, and the hydraulically balanced design can operate impressively at a higher pressure than conventional single spring designs. It is also highly reliable for sealing double-suction pumps and equipment where end-play may exceed the allowable tolerances of conventional single cartridge-mounted units. It was also developed for use where lubricating process fluids are handled that contain suspended solids as well as for sealing thermo- sensitive liquids such as vegetable oils that tend to set up and harden at ambient temperatures.

This completely self-contained rotary seal design is cartridge-mounted for ease of installation and maintenance on equipment where periodic adjustments may be required. The HOS is also equipped with a compression ring designed to create movement in and around the dynamic O-ring to reduce the accumulation of solids allowing for parallel face alignment. The unit can eliminate equipment wear, and the versatile slotted and machined gland is equipped with an NPT connection for flushing the seal so lubrication and cooling can be maintained.

DRP (Dual Rotary Pumper)

The DRP is a multiple cartridge-mounted seal that is rugged, dependable, and affordable. The inboard side of the seal is reciprocally balanced, allowing it to operate in either a double or tandem mode. The DRP is suitable in all industrial applications where leakage of hazardous or costly fluids cannot be tolerated and where positive lubrication is required from an external source without process dilution. 

In addition, the seal is cartridge-mounted for ease of installation; it is hydraulically balanced to maintain interfacial lubrication, reduce power consumption, and operate at higher pressure. The unit is designed to precision fit ANSI pumps equipped with standard and oversized seal chambers without requiring modifications. The unit is equipped with an internal pumping device that increases cooling efficiency and is ideal for use with closed-loop flush systems. The inlet and outlet flush connections are tangentially drilled to reduce flow resistance and improve circulation and are located to connect the inlet and outlet flush lines easily. The DRP can also be supplied and manufactured from exotic alloys for installation on applications where standard alloys may not be compatible with the process fluid. 

CMS (Cartridge Mounted Single) & CMD (Cartridge-Mounted Double)

It is critically important when selecting a single or double cartridge-mounted seal that the design is capable of handling equipment, application, and operating irregularities and conditions outside those reliably handled by standard off-the-shelf seal designs. The Sepco CMS (single) and CMD (double) can be designed with additional radial and axial capability for mounting on slurry pumps, as well as belt-driven and mixing equipment where shaft deflection and concentricity issues can cause premature seal failure. Multiple design configurations and materials are available for both seals that, combined with simplified manufacturing processes and the highest quality materials, can provide reliable performance cost-effectively and consistently.

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