ML2254 non wicking PTFE treated packing

SEPCO® ML 2254 PTFE fibers are treated with a PTFE dispersion which fills and seals all voids in the packing body. After braiding, a PTFE coating is applied. This packing will not wick making it an excellent choice for valves, hatch seals and inspection port seals. The PTFE construction makes it impervious to almost all chemicals and acids. The ML 2254 is an excellent valve stem packing for all chemicals and corrosives; inert to all fluids except for molten alkali metals.

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Operating Capabilities

Temperatures: 500°F / 260°C
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Design Features

Fibers are treated with TFE dispersion, which fills and seals interstices in the packing fibers. After braiding, a TFE coating is applied and the packing is forced air-dried. This packing will not wick.