Flexible graphite Ribbon-Pack

This mechanical grade 99.0% pure graphite ribbon is self-lubricating, corrosive resistant, and stable at all temperatures. Ribbon-Pack is easy to install, withstands high pressures and dissipates heat. Available in several thicknesses and widths for your application.

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Operating Capabilities

Temperatures: -400 to 3000°F/1650°C (in non-oxidizing atmospheres), -400 to 850°F/454°C (in oxidizing atmospheres) and 1200°F/649°C (in steam)
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Design Features

Self lubrication and chemical resistant. Free from resins, filler, and binders. Won't soften, carbonize, chalk, shrink, lint, harden or cold flow. Dissipates heat and withstands high pressures. Dimensionally stable at all temperatures.