Shielding Your Bearings: The Ultimate Guide to Bearing Isolators

Bearings are the bread and butter of the rotating equipment industry. They support rotating shafts in various machinery and engines, allowing for motion throughout pumps, motors, and more.

For The Best Performance, Choose Your Packing Wisely

The proper packing for an industrial pump is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable pump operation. The right packing choice depends on several factors, including the type of pump, the fluid being pumped, the operating conditions, and the desired level of sealing performance.

The Three Most Optimal Ways of Sealing Black Liquor in Pulp and Paper

Black liquor, a byproduct of the pulp-making process, presents unique sealing challenges in pulp and paper mills. Effectively sealing black liquor systems is not just a matter of operational efficiency but a crucial aspect of plant safety.

Unlocking Potential: How Air Seals Revolutionize Drywall Manufacturing

Air seals play a crucial role in gypsum-based drywall manufacturing plants, offering several advantages in terms of efficiency and operational performance.

Choosing the Right Seal: A Comparative Analysis of Component vs. Cartridge Seals

Component seals and cartridge seals are two common types of mechanical seals, each offering distinct advantages depending on the application and process requirements.

PTFE VS Graphite Packing: What’s The Difference?

PTFE and Graphite are popular materials used in valve and shaft packing, as well as similar applications. Both are usually found in a braided style, and both have a low coefficient of friction that allows them to be excellent sealants with longer shelf lives.

10 Advantages of SEPCO Engineered Products Over Off-The-Shelf Designs

Engineered Products are specially dimensioned and use professionally matched materials to meet your specific needs. Sizes are critical to sealing equipment, and chemical compatibility is an often dangerously overlooked factor. Our materials science textbooks are the most up-to-date, and our engineers can assist you in making a safe, informed, and cost-effective selection.

Essential Guide to Food-Safe Compression Packing: Features and Selection Tips

Food-grade compression packing is a type of packing material specifically designed and approved for use in applications where it comes into contact with food and beverage products.

Four Popular SEPCO Mechanical Seals and Their Applications

SRC (Single Rotary Cartridge) The Sepco SRC is a single, internal, cartridge-mounted, rotary seal design that can be supplied for fitting both standard and oversized seal chambers. It is simple yet loaded with features found in more expensive seals. It is also rugged and highly dependable yet costs less than most competitors’ repaired seals. Several … Continue reading "Four Popular SEPCO Mechanical Seals and Their Applications"

Minimize Downtime, Save Time and Money During Shutdowns

Organizing a plant shutdown, often referred to as a turnaround, is a complex task that demands meticulous planning and coordination.