Mark Your Calendars for Eruditio’s Upcoming Leading Reliability Event!


Join us on Tuesday, October 22, at the Institute at Patriot’s Point in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, for Eruditio LLC’s upcoming Leading Reliability event. This video shows a summary of our June 2019 training.

This workshop will offer¬†education and applied learning with some of the industry’s top leaders in reliability, preventive, and predictive maintenance aboard the USS Yorktown.

The event will kick off at 8 a.m. and close at 4 p.m., but not before providing attendees the chance to test their knowledge with simulations and hands-on applications. As a bonus, Eruditio will offer leadership training in F-35 flight simulators.

Presentations and Hands-On Learning

David Brewer, regional manager for the Atlantic region, SEPCO, will lead the morning session, “Stuffing Box Reliability: Proper packing installation and shaft stabilization prolong equipment and packing life,” to help end users ensure that their packing and bushing systems are properly installed and seated.

Compression packing is one of the most frequently used sealing technologies in any facility or plant where pumps and valves are present. Improperly installed or seated packing causes worn shafts or sleeves, excess heat, and abnormal leakage. Additionally, shaft deflection will also cause problems in pumps. The proper selection and installation of bushings help stabilize the shaft, again extending packing and equipment life.

Brewer will also lead a hands-on packing installation workshop during the event’s afternoon application sessions. This workshop offers attendees the opportunity to execute the proper installation of packing into translucent stuffing boxes and apply best practice guidelines for compression packing installation.

In addition, the event will feature a presentation and hands-on application session with LUDECA‘s applications engineer, Adam Stredel, who will discuss increasing bearing life through proper storage and installation tactics. Shon Isenhour, partner at Eruditio LLC, will also discuss problem solving with root cause analysis.

Visit Erudtio’s website to learn more and register for this can’t-miss industry event today!

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