HydraLoad Named ‘New and Noteworthy’ Product

A recent issue of Pumps & Systems magazine featured the HydraLoad packing system. The system was hand-picked by the editors as a new and noteworthy technology.


The HydraLoad system includes:

  • Shaft-stabilizing bearing block
  • Separate lantern ring
  • High-performance packing

Also, the bearing has a low coefficient of friction, which reduces power consumption. The system decreases product dilution and water use by 80% as well.

A separate lantern ring eliminates the need to replace the entire block if damage or clogging occurs. Downtime for cleaning, removal, or replacement is significantly decreased when compared to systems with a connected lantern ring and bearing.

Other technologies featured in this article include:

  • Remote terminal units
  • Pressure transducer
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Fusion dampener
  • Flow controller

Check out the full piece on pages 82-83 of the June 2019 issue of Pumps & Systems.

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