Expert Discusses Mechanical Seal Reliability in Recent Article

Three factors determine the reliability of an end-face mechanical seal – application, installation, and operation. But according to a recent article by Pumps and Systems magazine, one factor stands out as a main culprit of premature seal failure — mechanical seal application.

mechanical seal reliability
This multiple-seal assembly is an effective choice when moving corrosive and abrasive fluids.

According to article’s author, Tommy Seales — the mechanical seal division manager for SEPCO — the application stage of premature seal failure involves defining the conditions inside the seal chamber, which dictates how long and how well the seal performs.

In the piece, “The Role of Application in Seal Reliability,” Seales explains that the highest reliability comes from three areas:

  • Choosing the appropriate design to meet the specific equipment and operational demands
  • Selecting materials that are compatible with the process conditions
  • Controlling the environment within the seal chamber or stuffing box

The Importance of Mechanical Seal Application in the Reliability Journey

“Extending the life of end-face mechanical seals hinges primarily on clean and cool operation,” Seales discussed in the article. “The application in which the seal will be installed directly affects this required clean and cool requirement.”

Additionally, every application, process fluid, and environmental change throws a new set of potential consequences into the mix. According to Seales, this is why application has such a tremendous impact on reliability.

Read the full article on Pumps and Systems’ website to learn more about how good application combined with input from an experienced seal manufacturer will ensure a high level of reliability.