Recent Trade Magazine Q&A Discusses Fluid Sealing School

Fluid Sealing School

SEPCO recently hosted 20 distributors for its annual Fluid Sealing School (November 19 – 21, 2019). They learned about pump systems, rotating equipment and methods to seal these difficult-to-seal machines.

“We were happy to have such an excellent group of professionals at this training event,” said SEPCO CEO Chris Wilder. “In addition to this annual school, we offer training through the year.”

This training includes:

  • Lunch and learns
  • Trade show presentations
  • Other events as requested by distributors and end users

A Conversation with Smart Industry About the Event

Fluid Sealing School
Chris Wilder, SEPCO CEO

Smart Industry recently met with Wilder to discuss this event. Additionally, he discussed other continuing education efforts, needed to train personnel to deal with complex processes.

During the interview, Wilder discussed why training distributors is so critical with the growing implementation of complex processes. He also explained  how seal maintenance is changing in this era of digital transformation.

“In today’s increasingly demanding environment, the need for trained, problem-solving professionals is more critical than ever.”

For more information, read the full Q&A on the Smart Industry website.

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