Cupps Industrial Supply: An Established Leader in the Sealing Industry

Cupps Industrial Supply

As a fluid sealing solutions provider and manufacturer, we depend on our distributors and value our relationships with them, as well as their relationships with the end user. We also enjoy sharing their stories and their hard work. This is especially true now as our industry navigates life and essential business operations amid a global pandemic.

Founded in 1975 with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Cupps Industrial Supply, a SEPCO distributor, has made a name for itself in the sealing industry for the manufacturing and distribution of standard and custom gaskets, seals, EMI shielding, converted products, and machined parts. The company takes pride in offering its customers the a wide range of products. It provides sealing and other industrial solutions to markets including aerospace, defense, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals, power generation, and wastewater treatment.

Cupps’ quality department is ISO 9001:/AS9100-certified and meets MIL-SPEC 45208A requirements to assure that customer specifications are met. With the company’s emphasis on customer relationships and quality products and services, it is dedicated to effectively solving its customers’ production, assembly, material, and process challenges.

We recently spoke with Mike Gonzalez, Cupps Tucson branch manager for the last 12 years, to learn more about the company, its role in fluid sealing for the last 45 years, and its plans for the future.

“Moving forward, I predict the fluid sealing industry will focus heavily on environmental safety and streamlining processes at the manufacturing and distribution facilities so the customer benefits from a faster turnaround time and leaner processes,” Gonzalez said. “Here at Cupps, our efforts are driven by our customers’ needs. We’re always striving toward exceeding those expectations and helping our customers succeed.”

Additionally, Gonzalez said Cupps is currently taking measures to practice Lean manufacturing and streamline their processes overall.

“At Cupps, we are constantly seeking improvement for our quality control and for providing products on time,” Gonzalez said. “A lot of our efforts will be driven by our customer’s needs and expectations. We strive to exceed those expectations and give our customers exactly what they need.”

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