Trade Magazine Features Three Case Studies on Seal Technology Solutions

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Before the air seal’s installation, packing in this mixer wore the shaft considerably.

Materials like chocolate, dust, flour, powder, spices, and the makings of pills and tablets all have a couple things in common.

First, they’re critical components of the processes in which they’re used. And second?

They’re difficult to contain.

The slightest air movement or shaft shift can cause these materials to become displaced, which ultimately leads to issues like wasted products, housekeeping issues, personnel safety risks, and potential contamination.

But there’s good news. Reliable seal technology can mitigate and even eliminate these risks.

Common Sealing Issues Faced by Steel, Candy, and Bread Manufacturers

This topic was recently covered in an article published on In the article,  three case studies explain how selecting the right seal technology has solved problems with poppet valves, rotary airlocks, and mixers in the following industrial applications:

  • Steel manufacturing — In a steel plant, dust is produced and must be managed because it can lead to health issues for personnel. Additionally, as a side benefit for the company, steel dust can be bagged and sold for recycling. This saves the company money and lowers its carbon footprint.
  • Candy production — Dextrose can cause serious issues for candy manufacturers, like when a leak occurs in the rotary air locks used as feeds to move the fine sugar. This can cause problems like housekeeping issues, safety risks, product waste, and financial losses.
  • Bread dough mixing — If you’ve ever made your own bread, you know just how quickly common power baking ingredients can be displaced. On a manufacturing scale, this can lead to premature bearing failure, shaft wear from the packing, and severe product loss over time.

How Reliable Seal Technology Helps

In each of these unique and difficult-to-seal industrial applications, the right seal technology can eliminate many of the common issues manufacturers face when there are leaks or displaced products. Such solutions include a ring paired with the proper packing and air seal technology.

To learn more, read the full article.

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