Virtual Support: How to Talk Immediately with an Expert

Contactless Connections™, a real-time support service, launched in September 2020 in response to facility access limitations caused by COVID-19. This new, free app allows end users to immediately communicate with a reliability expert for any reason and with any method—text, voice, video, or screenshare.

Equipment troubleshooting homepage
This service offers real-time equipment troubleshooting.

After COVID-19: A New Reality

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in the world had to rethink everything, from grocery shopping to doctors’ appointment. They also had to alter how they do business. Manufacturing and process facilities were no different. For example, many facilities limited or eliminated on-site visits and troubleshooting assistance. Several trade publications have documented the many ways the industrial sector is dealing with the pandemic, including Pumps & Systems, Plant Services, and Plant Engineering.

What if You Need Help NOW?

On many occasions, our field experts have scheduled video calls to answer questions. However, what about people who have problems and need an immediate answer. What if someone needs equipment troubleshooting with no time to find an expert and schedule a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting?

Live, Real-Time Support and Equipment Troubleshooting

This is where Contactless Connections changes everything. With this app, anyone who needs help can quickly reach one of our experts. Need to troubleshoot a problem piece of equipment? Have questions about any reliability topic? They can speak with someone right now.

  • First, click the Contactless Connections link
  • Second, enter an email and password (whatever they choose for this)
  • Third, verify the email account
  • Then the conversation with one of our experts will begin immediately
Video equipment troubleshooting support
Example of equipment troubleshooting with video

In conclusion, Contactless Connections can assist everyone in the industrial and manufacturing sector … particularly during this unusual time. Need help? Wonder which seal type could be best for your asset: packing, mechanical seals, or air seals? Want assistance troubleshooting a problem piece of equipment? The experts with Contactless Connections are waiting to talk with you today. Don’t delay. Join us virtually now.

For any questions or to request further information, email Lori Ditoro.

About the Author
Lori Ditoro joined SEPCO in November 2018 as content marketing manager. Before that, she was content marketing strategist for Fluke Accelix; editorial director of the Process Flow Network, publishers of Water Technology, Processing, and Flow Control; editor of Pumps & Systems; and editor of Upstream Pumping. In her roles, Ditoro has learned about the process and manufacturing industries and the equipment and technology that keep plants and other facilities operating. She also developed a passion for telling the operators' and technicians' stories. She may be reached at