Industry Podcast Discusses Manufacturing Marketing Best Practices in New Episode

With technology advancements continuing to make it easier for companies to share their expertise with the world, the barrier to entry is lower than ever before for manufacturers to create value for their customers through marketing, more specifically manufacturing marketing.

For manufacturers like SEPCO, a global sealing solutions provider based in Alabama, getting started by finding ways to take advantage of knowledge that already existed with its engineering team and field experts quickly became a clear competitive advantage.

Industrial Strength Marketing Podcast Sits Down with Chris Wilder to Discuss the Manufacturing Marketing Journey

manufacturing marketing
James Soto (left) and Chris Wilder (right) discuss manufacturing marketing best practices in a new episode of the Industrial Strength Marketing Podcast.

In a new episode of the Industrial Strength Marketing podcast, Chris Wilder, CEO of SEPCO, joined the show to share the story of how their marketing efforts have evolved and discuss why doubling down on marketing starts with exploring the power of earned and owned media.

“We had experts in the industry; we just needed to help them get their voices out.” – Chris Wilder, CEO of SEPCO

What’s Discussed in This Podcast?

Some topics covered in the podcast include:

  • Chris’ professional background and the company’s history
  • How to bring modern digital marketing to traditional industry like manufacturing (industrial age to online marketing age)
  • Past marketing tactics (or lacking of marketing tactics) vs. what’s being done today
  • An industrial perspective on marketing in the digital age

An Evolution of Marketing Efforts

“Our marketing history has always been, ‘We believe we have great solutions and make great products. We get them where they need to be fast and efficiently,'” Wilder said in his conversation with Soto. “And we tended to put our head down and work hard and hope that that message of what we do would get out. And it did.”

“But in today’s marketing world has changed. It’s a lot more crowded out there, and I knew our story needed more attention.”

Wilder goes on to discuss a “watershed moment” he experienced a few years ago when he sought counsel from a wizened business mentor who had spent his entire career researching, buying, and growing companies, primarily manufacturing companies.

“He said that of the thousands of companies he’s looked at over the years, the common thing he hit on and one of his biggest strategies was that most of them were under-marketed,” Wilder said. “For him, it became a little simple. When it met certain benchmarks, they would buy it and increase their marketing efforts. More times than not, it worked. That just stuck with me for a while. We fit that bill. We do great things every day for our customers, but we struggle to get the message out. That was when we embarked on a quest to improve our marketing efforts.”

So, then and there Wilder reevaluated his marketing strategies and decided to bring on a dedicated marketing team instead of relying on his salespeople to take on marketing in addition to their in-field work and customer service responsibilities.

“With the new team of marketing professionals we have now, one of our core competencies is digital marketing, and that has opened up so many different avenues and options that didn’t exist for us before,” Wilder said. “Some of what we’re doing now is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel as far as marketing opportunities because we just didn’t do a whole lot of it before. When we realized we needed to do more, the digital world was also opening up. So, the two roads converged in a good way for us.”

manufacturing marketing

Listen to the complete episode, “The Over/Under of Manufacturing Marketing With Chris Wilder, CEO of SEPCO,” on the Industrial Strength Marketing Podcast’s website. You can also find the conversation on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.

About the Author
Anna Claire Howard is a contributing writer, editor, and content marketing specialist for Sealing Equipment Products Co. Inc. (SEPCO) and has been since Spring 2019. Before those two big life changes, she was the content marketing specialist for Fluke Accelix; assistant editor for Grand View Outdoors, publisher of Bowhunting World, Predator Xtreme, Whitetail Journal, Tactical Retailer, and Shooting Sports Retailer; managing editor for Media Solutions, Inc., publisher of Gear Solutions, Wind Systems, and Thermal Processing magazines; assistant editor for MSI; and the editorial intern for B.A.S.S., LLC, publisher of Bassmaster Magazine and In these B2B/B2C roles, Anna Claire developed an appreciation for the industrial sector, as well as the operators and technicians who make up the workforce. You can find her on LinkedIn at