Industry Publication Highlights Importance of Balancing Work and Fun

Here at SEPCO, we understand balancing work and fun. And Electrical Apparatus magazine recognized that importance, too, in a recent print issue.

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How to Have Fun at Work

According to the article in the December 2021 digital issue of the magazine, “while a good electric motor shop is judged by its output and the quality of its work, there is more to a job than just clocking in and out every day.” We could not agree more!

Incentives for Attending Work Parties

As Selena Cotte, the managing editor for Electrical Apparatus magazine, wrote in this article, SEPCO hosts a number of fun events for employees throughout the year.

“Beyond in-plant activities, management also tries to find various ways of showing appreciation,” Cotte wrote. “[SEPCO] often pairs parties with awards given out to employees based on work and service.”

According to the article, there are typically three reasons employees attend and participate in these events:

  • Fellowship and fun
  • Receiving bonuses
  • Witnessing coworkers rewarded for their service to the company

Balancing Work and Fun While Prioritizing Safety

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that along with virtually every other aspect of business and manufacturing, COVID-19 affected many companies’ abilities to host fun events in the workplace. However, SEPCO managed to prioritize fun and productivity while keeping its employees safe during the pandemic.

Some examples of ways employees were celebrated include:

  • Instead of an in-person luncheon, team members received all the ingredients to prepare a delicious soup, cornbread, and dessert during Thanksgiving (minus the turkey or chicken)
  • An extra half-day off the day before Thanksgiving despite being a manufacturing facility with day and night shifts
  • Team lunches with coworkers and their family members or close friends (pre-COVID)
  • Door prizes and bingo awards during distanced company events
  • Pumpkin carving contests and costume contests (pre-COVID) for Halloween
Balancing Work and Fun
Electrical Apparatus cover featuring the SEPCO team

Read the complete article in the digital edition of the December 2021 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine!

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