Learn How to Install Pump Packing like a Pro. [Webinar]

Have you wanted to learn the ins and outs of pump packing? Then, you’re in luck! This Seal Connect webinar  — “How to Install Pump Packing Like a Pro,” — covers that and more.

The recorded webinar features Chuck Tanner, SEPCO’s director of market development, which imparts valuable insights on attaining maximum stuffing box reliability by implementing correct packing practices.

Numerous factors contribute to the reliability of a stuffing box, but among them, proper packing installation reigns supreme. This Seal Connect webinar presents an opportunity to learn about the crucial aspects of achieving optimal stuffing box reliability by addressing the correct ring load, appropriate lantern ring placement, and reducing box leakage.

As Chuck Tanner shares his extensive knowledge and experience, listeners will gain valuable tips and strategies for enhancing the performance of their equipment, thereby reducing costly downtime and maintenance expenses. This webinar is an excellent resource for professionals looking to improve their packing practices and attain superior stuffing box reliability in their operations.

Watch the complete recorded webinar below to learn how to install pump packing!

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