PTFE Packing: The Smart Solution for Sealing in Harsh Chemical Environments

PTFE or Teflon-coated packing is one of the industry’s most common valve packing styles. PTFE fibers have a very high resistance to chemicals, making them an excellent choice for sealing valves and rotating equipment.

What is PTFE packing?

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon packing is a joint sealant that offers chemical compatibility for applications across many industries. Due to polytetrafluoroethylene’s natural resistance to chemicals, PTFE is widely used as a sealant for valves and pumps, especially in environments where harsh chemicals are being transported.

What are the benefits of Teflon packing?

Teflon packing has several advantages as a sealant. PTFE fibers perform well in corrosive environments and are incredibly versatile when combined with different materials. PTFE filament packing can be pre-lubricated for a softer, more flexible packing for equipment that requires braided packing with radial expansion. This particular type of PTFE packing is especially useful in chemical processing, pumps, and similar rotating equipment. It can handle various shaft speeds depending on the material in which it is blended and lubricated. 

Expanded PTFE fibers are constructed from PTFE that encapsulates graphite or a proprietary lubricant. Developed PTFE fiber seals have a much stronger microstructure, making them an excellent choice for mixers, pumps, agitators, blenders, and many other applications. This type of sealant also performs excellently in color-sensitive environments, so the food and beverage industry benefits significantly from this type of packing.

The many applications of PTFE packing

PTFE has several applications, some of which we’ve already discussed, such as the food and beverage processing industry, chemical handling equipment, and other liquid-transporting machines. It also can be found in several different markets, such as:

  •     Petrochemicals
  •     Textiles
  •     Paper and Pulp
  •     Power plants
  •     And many, many more

Depending on your application’s requirements, the properties of this versatile packing can be made more robust, flexible, or resistant, hence its popularity.

Are you looking for a supplier of PTFE Teflon packing?

SEPCO utilizes a unique impregnation method to ensure that all of our PTFE packing fibers are saturated and sealed during the braiding operation, reinforcing the packing and ensuring long-lasting quality. For more information about our products, check out our website today!