Slurry Pump Provider Discusses Benefits of Packing Installation Tool

GIW prides itself in making every stage of pump maintenance easy to learn, easy to complete, and safe. The team accomplishes this by partnering with expert engineers and useful industry tools that offers customers greater insight into their pumps’ inner workings. Effective pump packing installed with a packing installation tool is one area of focus. This led GIW to seek a partnership with SEPCO. While it may seem simple enough on paper, packing can have significant consequences if not installed or maintained properly.

Tips for Successful Packing Installation

It’s commonly known that pump packing must be replaced at regular intervals to prevent excess leakage.

Packing Demo

“Properly installed packing equally distributes the sealing force, which allows the pump’s stuffing box to separate the rotating and nonrotating parts within the shaft,” the GIW article explains. “When the packing rings are sufficiently worn, they should be removed and replaced.”

Because seeing inside the packing area is impossible, GIW says some steps of this process are easier said than done. Operators may struggle to confirm that all the packing rings have been seated correctly. This can lead to long-term issues. The rings may burn and glaze if the process has been not been completed properly.

This is where an effective packing installation tool with packing pushers comes in. The pushers or spacers help ensure that each ring is seated fully during installation. The training device is clear, acrylic stuffing box. This allows trainees to see exactly how correctly seated packing benefits sealing and how the tool’s pushers facilitate proper seating.

Long-Term Benefits of Efficient Pump Packing

According to a recent article from GIW, another benefit of this packing device is that it trains operators to recognize the signs of incorrectly installed packing before they cause problems.

“Because pumps are often located in obscure, hard-to-reach places, leaks are not always noticed until significant damage has occurred,” the article explains. “The leaks that result from incorrectly installed packing usually indicate premature shaft sleeve wear; in the worst cases, the slurry can blow back into the bearing assembly and cause even more serious issues.”

“Thanks to this device, our customers can see how the packing rings — when properly seated and tightened — fill the space to create an even seal. This device has proven invaluable to so many of our customers that we now incorporate it into training demonstrations for our customers and employees, as well as our maintenance course.” — GIW

Read the full article on GIW’s website to learn more about how efficient pump packing can increase your asset’s life and reliability.