Ethanol Mechanical Seals

SEPCO’s Mechanical Sealing Systems for Ethanol Production

The Ethanol industry has seen recent growth over the past several years, despite experiencing several economic challenges. Because of the need for replacement fuels for the finite crude oil, ethanol and other biofuels have increased in popularity. With the rise in popularity came the need for ethanol mechanical seals for the production equipment in the industry. 

Unfortunately, producing ethanol and other biofuels has significant challenges, especially when sealing various equipment like pumps. Ethanol is made from multiple sugars, which can cause the feedstock in equipment to become thick and sticky. This causes it to adhere to the equipment components, including packing and mechanical seals. Until recently, equipment failures such as syrup and evaporator pumps were guaranteed until a new solution could be developed. 

After much research and testing, we found that specific seal technology was more successful in ethanol production applications, mainly complete mechanical seal systems. Choosing just one part of the system couldn’t perform as well as the combination of the whole mechanical seal system. These developments can help save many companies from downtime from equipment failure and the extra costs associated with repairs and replacement.

SEPCO’s Ethanol Mechanical Seal Solutions

Convection Tanks

SEPCO has developed convection tanks for light-duty to medium-duty waste management in several applications, including Ethanol & Biofuel production equipment.

Dual Rotary Pumper

The DRP is a cartridge-mounted mechanical seal that facilitates impeller adjustments and reduces power consumption. It fits standard ANSI sizes, and its design is ideal for ethanol applications.

SEPCO STL-5 Barrier Fluid

This high-performance synthetic barrier fluid meets most barrier and buffer fluid needs within various chemical, pipeline, ethanol, and biofuel applications. It is ideal for mechanical seal systems in ethanol production. It is widely compatible with many types of seals and is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

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