Fire Sleeves: Product Spotlight

SEPCO Product Spotlight: Pyrosleeve®

SEPCO has developed fluid sealing solutions for a wide range of applications. In this article, we highlight one of our sealing products for thermal and abrasion management, our Aerospace and Industrial Pyrosleeves. These insulators are our version of a firesleeve, developed for protecting lines, cables, pipes, and hoses in harsh or hostile environments.

A Brief Overview of Fire Sleeves

Firesleeves are protective outer tubes made of fire-resistant materials designed to protect most substrates from fire damage and high temperatures. These sleeves are manufactured from multiple materials that are treated and layered around each other to form a flexible, protective sleeve that is easy to install without fear of breakage.

SEPCO Pyrosleeve®

The SEPCO® Pyrosleeve® is designed as self-extinguishing thermal protection insulation. This sleeving lengthens the working lives of lines, cables, electrical systems, pipes, hoses, and control wiring from fire damage in severe and adverse operating conditions. This product is a temperature-resistant and flame-retardant safeguard for any line that carries hot or volatile fluids and those at risk of heat and flame damage. Pyrosleeve is a silicone-coated, braided glass sleeving manufactured by SEPCO® in our Alabaster, Alabama facility, using our unique proprietary manufacturing process. It can be installed by sliding it over a line or cable before, during, or after construction, as well as during line replacement, making it easy to replace and maintain. 

SEPCO can supply the Pyrosleeve in standard sizes from 5/16” to 3 1/2” ID. Designed for protection against extreme environmental hazards, it is also used to protect operators from ruptured lines that may lead to fire or chemical burns. This product has been laboratory tested and can withstand temperatures up to 1900° Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes.  

Due to the critical nature of aerospace safety, Pyrosleeve has been designed with exacting standards to meet the most stringent industry requirements. The industrial version of the SEPCO Pyrosleeve is used for applications in several other industries, including manufacturing, marine, heavy equipment, construction, agriculture, waste, railroad, and mining.

General Properties

  • K Valve (BTU/F°/hr/in of Thickness): 1.2
  • Abrasion (Wyzenbeck Test): 9,500 Cycles
  • Oil & Fluid Resistance (Immersion 120 hr at 80°F (25°C))

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