Single Spring Seal vs. Component Seal vs. Cartridge Seal

A wide range of different mechanical seals are available, each with benefits and unique applications. The primary three types are component seals, cartridge units, and single-spring seals. This article will discuss their differences and when they should be applied. 

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge seals are a completely enclosed system composed of a gland, sleeve, and all other seal components. They come preassembled, making these types of seals easier to install. Although cartridge seals have a higher initial cost, they offer higher operational security, reduced installation time, and reduced need for replacements. 

Cartridge seals eliminate shaft sleeve wear because the secondary seal is static. Repaired cartridge units can provide cost savings and performance consistent with a new seal. As a result, cartridge seals are excellent for applications where long-term solutions are necessary, and easy access to the seal will not be available. 

Component Seals

Component seals typically consist of a rotating assembly, a stationary seat, and a gland for mounting the seal to the equipment. These seals are usually applicable on equipment that is not adjustable and must be installed by skilled technicians or risk premature seal failure. 

However, component seals are a cost-effective solution if one has a knowledgeable technician at hand to install them. They have a lower upfront cost and cheaper spare parts.

Single Spring Seals

Although cartridge units are available with single springs, they are more commonly a type of component seal used on close-coupled pumps. These seals are made with an open coil spring and are often used in non-clogging and self-cleaning operations. They also have few parts, making them much easier to assemble and dismantle.

 Single-spring seals are easily installed when adequately selected and are typically less expensive than other component seal designs.

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