What Are the Benefits and Pitfalls of Teflon Packing?

Teflon packing is a common and versatile packing style for valves and pumps, due to its high resistance to even harsh chemicals, as well as several other benefits. Teflon or PTFE-coated packing is widely used across many industries as a sealant for valves and pumps. Like all sealants, teflon-coated packing has its advantages and disadvantages

SEPCO ML2225 PTFE Packing

The Advantages of Teflon Packing

Teflon packing is a common sealant due to its many benefits. It has good non-stick properties, allowing it to form a safe contact seal for shafts of various speeds. Both the braided and solid forms of teflon have a low coefficient of friction as well, making it an excellent type of packing for many types of rotating equipment, with superior sealing performance over long periods of time. This makes it excellent for applications in mixers, pumps, agitators, and blenders in chemical production, food processing, and many other industries. 

The main advantage of teflon packing though that makes it so popular is its high resistance to chemicals and heat. Unlike other types of sealants, teflon packing does not corrode or degrade in the presence of harsh chemicals and relatively high temperatures. This makes it excellent not only for applications that require the movement of these chemicals, but also in color-sensitive environments like the food processing industry.

Teflon packing is often combined with other materials such as graphite to enhance certain properties as well, making it all the more versatile. No matter its configuration, teflon makes a high performing and long lasting seal for many different types of rotating equipment, valves, and pumps.

Some Disadvantages of Teflon Packing

While teflon-coated packing is an excellent and versatile sealant, there are certain applications where it can’t perform optimally. Teflon packing has excellent heat resistance; however when temperatures get too extreme, above 260oC, it does start to break down. This can cause health concerns, because if teflon is heated too much, it can degrade and release VOCs into the air. 

It’s also not biodegradable, which is cause for some environmental concerns as well. And though it’s durable, teflon packing can peel over time, and it’s not effective with highly alkaline products. In situations where these conditions are present, another type of sealant would be more effective.

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