Are Your Products BABA Compliant?

Build America Buy America
Build America, Buy America

The Build America, Buy America Act (BABA), enacted as part of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on November 15, 2021, focuses on maximizing the federal government’s use of services, goods, products, and materials produced and offered in the United States.

This clause in the law underscores the importance of domestic products, fostering investment in local manufacturing and fortifying our supply chains. This approach promises sustainable and competitive jobs for Americans on the global stage.

Many Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act projects quickly move from the planning table to the groundbreaking stage. We are at the critical juncture where the dollars are now being released. You will soon see a rapid increase in infrastructure and manufacturing projects coming online. Is your company BABA compliant; if not, it should be. SEPCO sealing products are domestic U.S. manufactured – and we can be your BABA-certifiable partner and help you hit the ground running.