10 Advantages of SEPCO Engineered Products Over Off-The-Shelf Designs

Single Rotary Cartridge Seal (SRC)

  1. Safety is Our Number One Priority: The safety of all parties is paramount to SEPCO.
  2. Custom designs: Engineered Products are specially dimensioned and use professionally matched materials to meet your specific needs. Sizes are critical to sealing equipment, and chemical compatibility is an often dangerously overlooked factor. Our materials science textbooks are the most up-to-date, and our engineers can assist you in making a safe, informed, and cost-effective selection.
  3. 3D Modeling and Printing: SEPCOs Stratasys F170 is used to model intricate systems for conceptual design as well as manufacture our seal bushings. SEPCO uses AutoDesk’s Inventor to create 3D renderings to improve and streamline the manufacturing process. Design to CNC machining is often slowed by other methods. Still, using Inventor with MasterCAM, SEPCO has reduced delivery times of engineered components and, in turn, reduced end-user costs. SEPCO is a 100% USA-based company, and the engineering department is only one phone call or email away.
  4. Environmental Controls: Corrected and improved API Plans (Environmental Controls) Temperatures, velocities, and pressures are vital to seal performance. Often, operators may be unaware of issues that lead to premature seal failure. Our Seal Pots / Heat Exchangers, STL Barrier Fluid line, flow meters, tale-tale pressure gauges, and piping plans are evaluated to determine how to improve the entire system.
  5. Facility Surveys, Failure Analysis, and the SAMS Program are offered to determine the root causes of failures and improve reliability, thus reducing the lifetime cost of sealing equipment and operations.
  6. Installation Assistance is Available: The I-Serve program assists teams during outages.
  7. Increased Quality: SEPCO is ISO 9000 Certified, and SEPCO dial Calipers are internally and third-party inspected and certified. SEPCO uses the Romer Absolute Arm by Hexagon Metrology to confirm critical measurements (within 0.0001 inches or less) and confirms the flatness of seal faces to within two or fewer helium light bands. Field Engineers and Outside Salesmen can inspect equipment dimensional tolerances and product temperatures using top-of-the-line gear.
  8. Our engineers offer on-site training on any sealing subject. Our video demonstrations are also available if there is an immediate need that paper installation instructions cannot address, but an engineering visit may not be required.
  9. Case History: SEPCO has an extensive database of rotating equipment dimensions, specs, and operations manuals that the engineering department references to assist our clients better.
  10. Experience: Wisdom Wins! – The SEPCO Engineering Department has over 80 Years of combined engineering experience. Call on the team that understands your needs and helps millions exceed fluid sealing expectations.