Industry Publication Explains How to Stabilize Vertical Turbine Pumps with Bushings

thermex 210 bushingsBecause of their low friction, bushings for vertical turbine pumps (VTPs) reduce and control pump flow by restricting the fluid pumped by the impeller into the mechanical seal area. They can be made from a soft metal, like bronze, or a high-performance plastic like the machined polymer Thermex 210.

Gas Compression magazine published an article discussing how to target vertical turbine pumps (VTPs) with new bushings.

“’Thermex 210 fits in very well to our existing portfolio of high-performance plastics,’” SEPCO’s CEO, Chris Wilder, told the publication. “’We’re uniquely positioned as a compound molder—not just a parts producer—and Thermex 210 is primarily an expansion of our wide variety of compounded formulations. We identified a need in the market so there’s been continued field testing and trialing.'”

Why Are These Bushings for VTPs Ideal for These Applications?

This bushing material is available in rods, tubes, machined bushings, and machined bearings. It has a variety of configurations, but specifically, it has a low rate of thermal expansion, which allows for the elimination of burning and glazing of the product.

These bushings are water-resistant, even during startup and other dry-run events. Additionally, they are FDA-compliant and underwent third-party independent testing. This testing verified their product characteristics, specifically their thermal expansion, wear rate, and shear strength.

According to Wilder, Thermex 210 is wear-resistant, even during startup or other dry-run events. “’The importance of the wear resistance is that it may not be immediately understandable or identifiable that the product has begun to wear while a team is at an installation or working on the equipment.'”

Industrial applications for VTP bushings

These bushings are suitable for oil and gas, water and wastewater, original equipment manufacturers, power generation, and mining.

“Water and wastewater treatment are probably the primary industries we are targeting. In addition, it is effective in any water intake application that uses a lot of vertical turbine pumps.” — Chris Wilder, CEO of SEPCO

Check out the full article on pages 16-17 of Gas Compression‘s digital issue to learn how these bushings help VTP operation. 

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