Thermex Bushings Named Breakthrough Product by Trade Magazine

We are thrilled that the Thermex 210 Bushings were named a Processing 2019 Breakthrough Product of the Year.

These annual awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year. The Thermex 210 Bushings were one of 10 products to win this prestigious award. The manufacturers recognized with this honor introduced solutions that ultimately help end users manage tough processing environments, meet stringent safety/security requirements, reduce unplanned downtime, and increase overall profitability.

From ball bearings and bushings to flowmeters and drum dumpers, these awards celebrate major innovations as well as incremental improvements in technology that increase efficiency, productivity, safety and, ultimately, the bottom line,” according to the publication.

What made the Thermex 210 Bushings Stand Out as a Breakthrough Product?

thermal bushingsThermex 210 Bushings and bushing material are the solution for vertical turbine pumps (VTPs). They provide the same reliable results as other self-lubricated composite bushings or bearings for VTPs. Launched in August 2019 and domestically manufactured, Thermex withstands wear even in dry-run situations. 

Additionally, end users no longer need wait weeks or months for machined bushings or bushing material. Because Thermex is manufactured in Texas, it is the most readily available option on the market.

Some of the features include:

  • Operates as well as or better than other composite bushing or bearings for VTPs 
  • Wear-resistant, even during startup or other dry-run events 
  • More affordable than other composite materials 
  • Available as fully machined bushings, machined as a bearing or as tubes and rods for machining at any end-user facility 
  • FDA-compliant 

Thermex 210 operates well in many applications, in addition to VTPs. It may be used by original equipment manufacturers, but it would also be effective in the mining, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, and water and wastewater industries.

Check out to full article on Processing magazine’s website, as well as the complete list of winners.

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