We have the special technology required by this abrasive, corrosive industry.

Industry Challenges

Few industries experience greater abrasive and corrosive conditions than mining which makes sealing challenging. Our products can seal common equipment such as belt driven augers, slurry pumps, knife gate valves, and air locks.

We understand that you are often facing difficult conditions, but we have done our homework and know how to improve sealing life for all types of equipment.

Our experience in the mining industry has allowed us to engineer unique solutions for this industry. We understand we’re often facing the worst conditions possible, but we’ve done our homework and know how to get sealing improvements and longer life from every piece of equipment.

Even if we have to design something custom, we can have it in your hands in as little as two weeks – not six months.

Our Solutions

Compression Packing

Mechanical Seals

Gasketing Materials

Bearing Protection

High Performance Plastics