SEPCO Special Services

Engineering and Design

If our off-the-shelf solutions can’t meet your needs, we will work with your product designers to custom engineer mechanical seals, compression packing, gaskets, ring sets, and thermal sleeving in as little as two weeks. For over 40 years, we’ve designed custom products to meet the unique needs of the industry such as elongated packing for knife gate valves and FDA-approved materials for the food and beverage industry, just to name a few.

We Design and Manufacture

  • Compression packing in a wide range of fibers including 100% GFO®
  • Mechanical seals
  • Gasketing products
  • Thermal sleeving
  • Abrasion sleeving
  • Ring sets

What Do I Get?

Tell us about your plant’s equipment and your goals and we will work with you to engineer a product that is optimized for your application. We specialize in reliable, long-term performance, and can even find design improvements on existing parts. We provide detailed documentation and support for every product we design and manufacture.

How Long Is Setup?

It depends on the complexity of your application, but we can often have a working prototype in as little as two weeks. We have to capabilities to standardize your prototype for full-scale production once you’re happy with the final product.

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