What Are SEPCO Training Services?

Training is our full-service solution for improving your equipment’s reliability. It’s crucial that the people handling your sealing equipment are trained on the proper maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting techniques that will help your equipment last from shutdown to shutdown.

SEPCO Training Will Help You

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Perform better failure analysis
  • Troubleshoot problems early
  • Improve shutdown to shutdown performance
  • Improve installation techniques
  • Choose seals based on operating parameters
  • Improve your seal selection process

What Do I Get?

You get one-on-one, “lunch and learn-type” training at your facility for anyone that is responsible for installing, maintaining, inspecting, selecting, or troubleshooting your seals. There’s a proper procedure for every seal we manufacture; it’s important that your team knows the best procedure for each seal and each piece of equipment to improve reliability. In many industries, such as water treatment, our training counts toward your hours for state-certified training.

How Long Is Setup?

We can offer immediate training on-site in as little as 48 hours, as well as an ongoing training programs to keep your updated on the latest training techniques. Most customers request training once a year or every 18 months.

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