Our diverse combinations of fibers and coatings allow you to select the ideal pump packing or valve packing for your unique application.

Compression packing, an enduring and widely used seal technology, employs a gland to tighten the top packing ring, compressing it onto the stuffing box. Typically made of soft materials, these packings are inserted as cut rings between the rotating member and the pump casing, valve, or other asset. By tightening the gland against the outboard ring, Compression packing transmits pressure to the packing set. This pressure causes radial expansion of the rings, creating an effective seal. In summary, Compression packaging remains a reliable and time-tested solution for creating seals in various applications.

Common Packing Applications & Accessories

Some common applications for Compression packing include:

  • Pump packing
  • Valve packing
  • Packing for other rotating, reciprocating, and static equipment for the process industries and manufacturers.

Many accessories are also available to support the installation, operation, and removal of compression packing.

Compression Packing Selection Guide

To learn more about packing fiber types and their applications, download our Compression Packing Selection Guide today.

SEPCO Compression Packing Guide