Fire and heat resistance is imperative when the stakes are high.


Aerospace Sealing Solutions offers critical advancements in the aviation industry by providing cutting-edge technologies designed to ensure the integrity and efficiency of aircraft systems. These specialized sealing solutions, meticulously engineered for aerospace applications, play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal performance, preventing fluid leakage, and safeguarding sensitive components from environmental factors. Whether applied to engines, hydraulic systems, or fuel lines, these advanced seals contribute to the overall safety, reliability, and longevity of aerospace machinery, meeting the stringent standards and challenges of the aviation sector.

Industry Challenges

Critical hose assemblies — such as those used in a plane’s cable, electrical, fuel, hydraulic, and electric systems — must be protected against fire if a fire starts in an airplane engine. Otherwise, a risky situation could get a whole lot worse.

The solution is fireproof and fire-resistant hose lines called fire sleeves. Per the FAA, fireproof hose lines “must withstand a 2000°F flame (+15O°F) for 15 minutes minimum while still fulfilling its design purpose.” Fire-resistant components are required to last 5 minutes under the same conditions.

Drawing on our experience of engineering abrasion and fire-resistant products, SEPCO works closely with aerospace clients to design and manufacture multiple custom solutions such as bulkhead seals, specialty grommets, sealing rings for de-icing systems, and Pyrosleeve® firesleeve for hoses and cables.

Working closely with aerospace clients to optimize our Pyrosleeve product, we’ve also had the opportunity to develop multiple custom bulkhead seals, specialty grommets, and sealing rings for deicing systems.

Our Pyrosleeve® firesleeve conforms to SAE AS1072 standards, allowing hose assemblies to meet SAE AS1055 requirements, including a 2000° flame test.

Our Solutions

  • Firesleeve
  • Bulkhead seals
  • De-icer rings
  • Grommets

Our Solutions

Thermal / Abrasion Management