Articles Feature Air Seals and High-Performance Plastic Valve Components

How Air Seal Technology Makes Rotating Equipment More Reliable

An air seal is an engineered pneumatic sealing system designed to seal the shafts of equipment where typical contact seals, such as packing and/or mechanical face seals, prove too costly to operate and maintain. Designed for wet or dry applications, the air seal’s noncontact design lasts the entire life of the equipment in which it is used, including:

Air seals contain dry and wet materials

This seal has been featured in a trade publication product section.
More air seal design features include:

  • Efficient design minimizes air usage while maintaining an internal sealing pressure profile
  • Resilient to angular and parallel shaft movement
  • Split seals are available in most designs
  • A wide range of materials is available in most designs
  • Requires little to no maintenance after installation

New, High-Performance Plastic Valves Made in the US

Powder & Bulk Solids highlighted the SEPCO high-performance plastic components for valves in a previous article.

As discussed, a producer of high-performance plastics was inspired to start manufacturing and selling these valve components after a special request from a customer.

“A valve manufacturer recently needed quality seats (glass-filled PTFE), gland packing (PTFE), and bottom packing (PTFE) for valves, delivered quickly,” the article explains. “Its team reached out to SEPCO and the P3 division and requested these components. The team rapidly produced and delivered the parts to the manufacturer.”

In addition to the plastic components made for the manufacturer, other parts include ball valve seats, energized seals, liners, and backup rings. These can be PTFE, filled-PTFE, PPS, or PEEK.

Additionally, the producer also creates other high-performance plastics available as machined parts, billets, or raw materials. Its location in the U.S. allows for quicker delivery than international parts.

Available for manufacture and shipment immediately, these new valve components are ideal for valve manufacturers, repair shops, and end users.

If you have any questions or need further information regarding the SAS air seal or high-performance plastics, email Zach Nepa or Cody Kaufmann.