Don’t Miss Our New Interactive Infographic on Pump System Sealing!

We’re excited to announce the release of a brand-new, completely interactive infographic on Pump System Sealing on our knowledge center, Seal Connect. This on joins our two other infographics on the steps to take to ensure optimal packing performance and how to decrease oil changes. Click this infographic link to find all our infographics.

How It Works

This learning tool lets you click along and learn all about the inner workings of a standard pump. Simply scroll over the flashing yellow icons to view the different segments of the sealed pump, and then click on the image you’d like to learn more about. From there, you can set your own course to learn everything you need to know about an effective sealing system.

sepco interactive infographic pump system sealing

Pump System Sealing Tech

Learn all about these technologies:

  • A vertically oriented, compound labyrinth bearing isolators that protect lubricants during dynamic and static situations
  • Shaft-stabilizing bearing and removable lantern ring systems that improves reliability and simplifies maintenance
  • Braided packing (compression packing) placed in the stuffing box
  • A specialized packing and installation system that helps that average facility reduce plant seal water usage up to 90%
  • Mechanical seals that help reduce operating costs and improve system reliability
  • Gaskets

Effective sealing technology in a pump system can minimize the risk of pump failures and significantly extend the life of equipment. Check out the interactive infographic to learn more.

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