How Advanced Pump Systems with Sealing Technology Can Solve Chronic Reliability Issues

Many fluids are constantly moving in industrial equipment, but they’re not always moving efficiently or most reliably. That’s why there is a rising need in industry for better processes and technology to mitigate these issues and increase pump system reliability.

According to a recent article published on Plant Services, innovative solutions are helping to overcoming existing deficiencies. These include:

  • Pump add-ons
  • Longer lasting seals
  • High-tech sensors for bearings
  • Root-cause troubleshooting tools

Industrial Pumps

How Advanced Pump Systems Improve Water Management Systems

Pumps can account for 40% of energy usage in industrial fluid systems, according to the Hydraulic Institute. And while reliability comes first in pump system design, the institute believes that there is good incentive for stakeholders — including manufacturers, commercial builders and municipalities — to improve the energy efficiency of pump systems and potentially generate significant cost savings.

Real-World Examples and Case Studies

Solutions like these are designed to tackle costly and continuing challenges in fluid handling, maintenance, uptime, and energy and water consumption. Some real-world success stories include the following:

  • Closed-circuit process water management
  • Demand-driven tap water distribution
  • Wastewater solids eradication
  • Noncontact tandem seal in a packaging and tissue plant
  • Fiberoptic load sensing
  • Vibration monitoring and motion analysis
  • Optimizing energy efficiency

The article also includes highlights of a new Pump Savings Calculator from the Hydraulic Institute that shines a light on opportunities for further energy and cost savings.

Check out the full article on to learn more and read complete summaries of the case studies.

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