SAS-P Named Breakthrough Product by Trade Magazine

Breakthrough Product of the Year WinnerWe’re thrilled that the SAS-P System for Centrifugal Pumps was named a Processing 2020 Breakthrough Product of the Year.

These annual awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year. They also celebrate major innovations as well as incremental improvements in technology that increase efficiency, productivity, safety and — ultimately — the bottom line for industry.

From more than 30 total nominations, Processing selected 10 winners (including the SAS-P) that help end users effectively solve problems in tough processing environments, meet stringent safety requirements, reduce unplanned downtime, and drive overall profitability.

What Made the SAS-P System Stand Out as a Breakthrough Product?

The SAS-P is a complete system that incorporates two shaft-supporting bushings and a lantern ring and is designed specifically for horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps in nonhazardous services. It is a noncontact tandem seal that uses air to seal and water to flush/clean the stuffing box/seal chamber.

spec sas-p system for centrifugal pumps

The SAS-P is effective in the chemical processing, food & beverage, mining, pulp & paper, and water & wastewater industries. It’s impervious to traditional system conditions that are considered pump/seal killers, including pipe strain, misalignment, off-BEP operation, and cavitation.

This Breakthrough Product of the Year pump system has a split design that allows for installation without any equipment removal or breakdown. It contains no internal springs, which are often responsible for mechanical seal failure. The system can withstand 0.25 inches of radial movement and unlimited axial movement. Mechanical seals can only handle 0.003 to 0.005 inches of movement before spring failure. The system only has four major components to install, so installation simple and fairly quick.

Process fluid with high solids content makes sealing with traditional packing or mechanical seals a challenge that may result in:

  • Leakage
  • Damaged seals
  • Fretted shafts
  • Further pump and bearing damage

Luckily for operators and maintenance teams, the SAS-P prevents these problems and provides a leak-free solution.

Check out to full article on Processing magazine’s website, as well as the complete list of winners.

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