Our effective and durable mechanical seals help reduce operating costs and improve system reliability.

A mechanical seal is a device that contains fluid on a rotating shaft, featuring two flat faces—one that rotates and one that remains stationary, both positioned perpendicular to the shaft. The rotation of the rotary seal ring against the stationary seat ring creates a rapid pressure drop across the primary seal interface. This phenomenon results from the friction between the liquid molecules between the seal faces. These liquid molecules act like tiny ball bearings, providing lubrication and reducing friction, which in turn minimizes heat and wear. This process significantly enhances the longevity and efficiency of the mechanical seal.

When selecting a mechanical seal, it is crucial to consider several factors that impact seal reliability, including:

  1. Application: The specific use case and operational environment of the seal.
  2. Installation: The correct setup and alignment of the seal to ensure optimal performance.
  3. Operation: The operating conditions, such as pressure, temperature, and rotational speed.

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