Hot Oil Seal

Style: HOS

The SEPCO HOS is a balanced single spring rotary seal capable of handling conditions much higher than conventional single spring designs.

Product Specifications

Operating Capabilities

  • Pressures: 350 PSI
  • Temperatures: 400°F / 204°C
  • Speeds: 5000 ft/minute


Design Features

  • Fits Narrow Stuffing Boxes
  • Seal sizes 1” through 1-3/8” (inclusive) require a 5/16” cross section, and sizes 1-1/2” through 2-5/8” (inclusive) require a 3/8” cross section.
  • Slotted Glands — The HOS design features a slotted gland that offers more versatility with bolting patterns.
  • Impeller Adjustments — In Service Disassembling the pump is unnecessary to make impeller clearance adjustments.
  • Cartridge Mounted
  • The seal is pre-assembled at the factory, mounted on its sleeve and installed in the gland for easy installation.
  • No Installation Measurements — Mechanics are not required to make critical installation measurements in order to install the seal.
  • No Shaft Fretting Wear — No shaft fretting wear occurs, because the O-ring on the shaft is static and does not move.

Product Support & Resources

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