Low Temperature Cartridge Metal Bellows Seal

Style: LTC

The SEPCO Low Temperature Cartridge is a single non-pusher, rotating welded metal cartridge design. The rugged design is great for handling the extremes of high temperatures.

The edge welded cartridge design has the flexibility to fit in ANSI+ and DIN standards as well as other pieces of equipment. Seals are manufactured to disperse the stresses on the welds.

The LTC’s high precision lapping finish offers optimal sealing performance. The rotating bellows throw off suspended particles and provides the self-cleaning effect which reduces the possibility of solids entering the bellows convolutions. The LTC can withstand temperatures to -25° F/ -30° C.

Product Specifications

Operating Capabilities

  • Pressures: 350 PSI
  • Temperatures: 400°F / 204°C
  • Speeds: 4000 ft/minute