Cartridge Grease Seal

Style: CGS

The SEPCO® Cartridge Grease Seal is an innovative mechanical seal mounted on a single cartridge and can replace double seals without needing a water flush. This exceptional product boasts a distinctive characteristic that sets it apart from traditional seals: incorporating a grease barrier cavity. This cavity is a protective shield, preventing any product leakage into the atmosphere and eliminating the need for elaborate environmental controls. This feature ensures that the CGS Seal is efficient and environmentally friendly, as it minimizes the potential for product contamination and eliminates the need for complex and expensive control measures. By choosing the SEPCO® Cartridge Grease Seal, you can rest assured that your equipment will operate safely and efficiently without the risk of harmful leaks or the burden of complicated environmental regulations.


Product Specifications

Operating Capabilities

  • Pressures: 350 PSI
  • Temperatures: 250°F / 120°C
  • Speeds: 10000 ft/minute

Design Features

  • Cartridge mounted
  • Easy installation
  • Facilitates impeller adjustments
  • No critical installation measurements
  • Versatile design fits standard and over-sized stuffing boxes
  • Stationary Design eliminates misalignment, reduces wear
  • High PV factors
  • Single spring design
  • Consistent face loads
  • Non-clogging
  • Internally nalanced
  • Reduced hydraulic load
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Automatic grease dispenser option
  • Automatic operation
  • Easy to install, inspect & refill
  • Low cost
  • Reduced surveillance & maintenance

Industry Applications

Product Support & Resources

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