Cartridge Grease Seal

Style: CGS

The SEPCO® CGS is a single, cartridge mounted mechanical seal that can be used to replace double seals without using a water flush. The unique feature of the CGS Seal is a grease barrier cavity to prevent product leakage to the atmosphere without elaborate environmental controls.

Product Specifications

Operating Capabilities

  • Pressures: 350 PSI
  • Temperatures: 250°F / 120°C
  • Speeds: 10000 ft/minute

Design Features

  • Cartridge mounted
  • Easy installation
  • Facilitates impeller adjustments
  • No critical installation measurements
  • Versatile design fits standard and over-sized stuffing boxes
  • Stationary Design eliminates misalignment, reduces wear
  • High PV factors
  • Single spring design
  • Consistent face loads
  • Non-clogging
  • Internally nalanced
  • Reduced hydraulic load
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Automatic grease dispenser option
  • Automatic operation
  • Easy to install, inspect & refill
  • Low cost
  • Reduced surveillance & maintenance

Industry Applications

Product Support & Resources

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